Artists have responded to the Aids epidemic with profound and often moving images. After the death of his long-term lover, Peter Moore used his skills as a calligrapher to create “word pictures” using overlapping areas of colour and text to suggest the depth and complexity of his own feelings and emotions.

The results are colourful, intriguing images which, while they can be partly deciphered, rely on their overall impression of an intricate, multi-layered and intimate relationship. Moore’s work calls on the long history of illuminated manuscripts - from mediaeval monastic communities and ancient Persian and Indian scripts to the work of the arts and crafts movement – but brings them brilliantly up-to-date.

Colours are the vivid tones available today, while beautifully executed lettering incorporates English and Latin text. They can be enjoyed as luminous abstract images or carefully read, with key emotive words identified. One image incorporates more clearly, with a cock and balls featuring in a composition of in which red, yellow and black are the primary colours. It is a fascinating composition which relates both to the desire and power of relationships and to the signifying importance of sex. It is a work which is both visually inventive and tells its own story of love, desire and even lust.
Emmanual Cooper
Gay Times
September 1995
© 2007 Peter Moore