Peter Moore is from London, England. Mr. Moore is a recently confirmed student of the “Paint or Die” movement based out of Fleurs du Mal art gallery in Toronto, Canada. He has a panache for seeing yesterday’s poetry in today’s anti-heroes; colourful prose gash through bright acrylic dollops of mythical imagery.

Eric Burdon from the pop music group “The Animals” has slept on Peter Moore’s floor.

Peter’s work, which he describes as “never finished”, is a palatable release and his personal journal. We could have read the walls for hours! Often Pop demi-gods and real life tragedies, such as London subway-glue-sniffers, wrestle their conscience with Greek gods and Roman mythology. The result is an explosion of colourful stories that surpass time and culture, and will without a doubt live on long after we have gone.

“So beautiful everyone wants to bite him”
From the painting “Adolescens Carnifex”

“Yet he knew how to make madness beautiful”
From the painting “Byron K”

“Stupid thing to do” is about pop star George Michael, and the stupid thing he did. The words “who is the smile aimed at” are written across his face.
Twisted Times
Edition #8
Toronto, Canada
© 2007 Peter Moore